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Damon Veins

Customers rated Damon Veins 5 out of 5 based on 36 reviews

Say hello! Nasty, Tasty and Sweet!
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Bondage in love

Jun 14th @ 8:05am EDT

I don't want to be in control. I refuse to be in control. I want him to be in control of me. Take me, dominate me, make me feel alive. I'm all his! His will, his desire, his command is part of my pleasure. I want to lay here like a good boy that I am. See! I can’t move! I don't want to move! Keep me, hold me, restrain me, tie me up and then control me! Ugh! It feels so good to let myself go and into your arms… And I scream of pleasure, I want you to be the only one who can hear me.

From time to time I like to play with words and try out my writing skills. I have never been very passionate about writing or creating literature, but lately I have began to take an interest in this. Hope you will not judge too harsh my composition. I'm still new at this.
Well, my desire to express myself in writing, not just on camera, was inspired by my bondage shows that I'm sure some of you are already familiar with. When I first started camming I wasn't even thinking about exploring fetishes to a certain level. I consider myself a down to earth guy who didn’t really think I had it in me.

As far as I remember I was a virgin in terms of fetishes. It all began with a conversation that I had with one member who remains close to my heart. He was much more experimented. We talked a bit about bondage and what it means, and he is the one who opened the road for me. But since I was at the beginning, I was not that sure that I would like to try it. You know how it is, first you say no & then you cannot stop. I'm just joking! I also had to see it for myself, do a little bit of research and get more information from him. I really thank him for being so patient with me. You can really imagine the surprise and satisfaction he had when he saw me one day ready to take over my role. It was very nice, speaking for both sides.

1st time at the AwSummit Mamaia 2018

Jun 5th @ 11:48am EDT

Hello guys, how are you? Hope you have a wonderful and full of sunshine week! Summer is here! And hope you all enjoy every minute of it!

The weather has shown signs that it’s going to rain but for now the sun is shinning and I really hope it will remain like this. Well, I’m on my way to the wonderful sea resort of Mamaia which is located right on the beautiful cost of the Black Sea. Why? Because I’ll be participating at the AWSummit 2018 which takes places … in Mamaia!

I’m so happy to be going to such a big event that I can’t even express it. My fellow colleagues have been there the past years, and this is it’s my turn to join the team! The sun, the waves, the breeze & the golden sand! I’m looking forward to every minute of it! Plus, I’m very happy to see the sea for the first time this year. I should make a wish. In Romania, we have a tradition, every time you eat or do something for the first time in a year, you must make a wish! So, my wish is to have a great & sunny time. This is something that I wish you each & everyone of you because you helped me get here, to this great event!

I’m getting close to my first year of being a cam model. Oh, what a ride it has been! I made so many friends from all over the world! It’s unbelievable! Who said you need to travel the world to meet people?! I haven’t travelled too much so far, but I have travelled through your stories & learned so much from them. I want to thank you so much for your support and love that you show me every day! You guys bring color to my life! I feel very lucky to have met you and I do hope in the future I’ll make other good friends! People are amazing! You guys are amazing, and you deserve the best!

I’m looking forward to telling you how it was at the AWSummit. I’m so curious and anxious because it’s a five-star event. I feel like a girl, I couldn’t decide on what to wear so I took almost my entire wardrobe with me. Just in case! I left behind only the winter clothes! Hahaha! Hope it won’t start snowing! Anything is possible nowadays with this climate change!

Kiss you all,

hey guys

Feb 5th @ 11:13am EST

Hey guys i thought i should start sharing with you my thoughts and feelings.

First of all i want to thank all of you who visited me so far and made me so many compliments. I really apreciated. Every one and each of you are highly appreciated. But as every person,i kind of have my favourites or should i say favourite. He knows who he is (wink wink,he he).

I am striving every day to bring out the best in me on every shift. And with your help and support,you make this task wasier for me,and i thank you for this.

I love to laugh with you guys,and to get you all horny and fired up. But also it's nice to talk on whatever subject you feel like sharing with me.

I try to be a good listener and adviser for each and everyone of you who wish to open up to me. But i think we all agree most fun is when you admire my body in my bondage shows or in party shows.

Ask me anything you would like to know about me and i will be more than happy to get back to you.

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