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Jamie Alton's Profile

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Jamie Alton

Customers rated Jamie Alton 5 out of 5 based on 33 reviews

great muscle body, cute smile and hard cock!
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Nov 14th @ 7:21pm EST

Whatever is outside the window ... There is beauty and harmony in everything ... as long as the heart is warm


Nov 12th @ 9:15pm EST

People may forget what you said ... May forget what you did. But never forget that you made them feel ...

quote from books

Nov 5th @ 9:28pm EST

When I really love someone, I never tell anyone their name. It is like giving someone a piece of a person you love. Oscar Wilde "Portrait of Dorian Gray"


Oct 29th @ 5:41pm EDT

There are two remedies for every disaster - time and silence. "Count of Monte Cristo"


Oct 28th @ 11:02pm EDT

Happiness is the family, hot hands that will never let you out, will not drop, even if the whole world has turned over. Marina Stepnova "Women of Lazarus"


Oct 26th @ 2:46am EDT

Courage is when you know in advance that you have lost, and nevertheless you get down to business and in spite of everything in the world you go to the end. You win very rarely, but sometimes you win. Harper lee


Oct 21st @ 4:51am EDT

I'm not the kind of person to throw away my friendship and give it to someone who doesn't appreciate it. Mario Puzo, "the Godfather"


Oct 18th @ 1:50am EDT

What matters is what the person does, not what he wanted to do.
(William James)


Oct 13th @ 7:23pm EDT

If such a moment has come when you do not know what to do, then take a step forward.


Oct 13th @ 12:22am EDT

I think the goal of an ideal partner should not be just to complement you, but to do better than you were before.

it's me)

Oct 10th @ 2:11am EDT

I want to do only what I want, and let everyone do so.


Oct 5th @ 5:21am EDT

If you hurt one person, do not do it with another. All people are different.

thoughts about life

Oct 2nd @ 11:41pm EDT

Sometimes you want to get back a little while and fix the mistakes that were made earlier.

about me

Oct 1st @ 1:34am EDT

I live for those who need it. I only make friends with people I'm sure of. I communicate with those who are pleasant. And grateful to those who appreciate!

my storis

Sep 29th @ 8:37pm EDT

something strange happened to me once. I came into the gym and I saw a guy who wasn't as pumped as I was. I noticed this guy was watching me, so I started watching him. The training has come to an end. Except the two of us in the hall any more who were not. I took a shower, undressed. He stood under the cool jets of water and suddenly felt someone's hand on his back

story in the gym

Sep 28th @ 7:11pm EDT

I practiced in the gym. There was a new guy. He had a beautiful lean body with muscles. I helped him in training. And after training in the shower he touched my hand, I turned around, and he embraced me.

my live

Sep 18th @ 9:17am EDT

Sport is my life, my passion! I really like to go and gym and improve your body. After all, the ideal has no limit. But I'm almost there. :) / I hope that you will also come to your goal

When we love

Nov 11th @ 8:42pm EST

We, when we love, never cease to ask ourselves the questions: is it fair or unfair, smart or stupid what will lead this love and so on. Good or not, I don't know, but what it prevents, not satisfied with annoying â" I know

you don't have

Oct 14th @ 11:35pm EDT

you don't have to love mad flock of birds! You're
should not render love for hate and anger. You have
to train and to see a truly good Cup of tea in each of these birds and help them to see the same tea in them. That's what I call love.

The first time

Sep 18th @ 12:39am EDT

The first time reading a good book, we experience the same feeling as when purchasing a new friend. Re-read already read the book â" means again to see old friends.

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