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Jamie Alton

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great muscle body, cute smile and hard cock!
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my live

Sep 18th @ 9:17am EDT

Sport is my life, my passion! I really like to go and gym and improve your body. After all, the ideal has no limit. But I'm almost there. :) / I hope that you will also come to your goal

When we love

Nov 11th @ 8:42pm EST

We, when we love, never cease to ask ourselves the questions: is it fair or unfair, smart or stupid what will lead this love and so on. Good or not, I don't know, but what it prevents, not satisfied with annoying â€" I know

you don't have

Oct 14th @ 11:35pm EDT

you don't have to love mad flock of birds! You're
should not render love for hate and anger. You have
to train and to see a truly good Cup of tea in each of these birds and help them to see the same tea in them. That's what I call love.

The first time

Sep 18th @ 12:39am EDT

The first time reading a good book, we experience the same feeling as when purchasing a new friend. Re-read already read the book â€" means again to see old friends.

With regard

Sep 13th @ 8:28pm EDT

With regard to a particular vocation, which seems a kind of fate, you only need to remove it from the form of external necessity. Their fate need to choose freely and to carry and implement.

In love with the king

Sep 5th @ 12:09am EDT

The king madly in love with a beautiful poor peasant, and ordered that she be brought to the Palace. He's absolutely serious and decided to marry her and wanted her to become Queen.
But in the same day, when the girl was brought to the Palace, she fell ill of some mysterious disease, and every day she was getting worse.
The king summoned the most famous doctors and healers from across the Kingdom. But there was nothing they could do. The poor girl was already on the verge of life and death. The king in despair declared that he would give half his Kingdom to the one who will be able to heal her, but no one volunteered.
Only one sage came to the king and asked him to talk to a girl eye to eye. After this conversation, the king adopted him; he is found waiting for sage. "Your Majesty, - he said, - there is one sure remedy for your bride. But this tool can be very bitter... but not for girls, but for Your Majesty."
"Tell me what this means! - cried the king. - You need to get it, no matter what the cost!"
The wise man looked king in the eye and said, "a Girl in love with one of your soldier. Give her permission to marry him, and she'll recover."
The king was silent. He loved her, and could not conceive that she died. And he agreed to the wedding of a girl and a soldier.
Of course, the girl recovered. But the king was sad more; it began to wither and, eventually, turned dying. Called the same sage who cured the girl. The old man went to the head of the king, but then he shook his head and said quietly, "Poor king! Can't be cured. Because no one loves him as he loves".

So when he came to earth, God had to die: because no one loved Him like you loved It...

Summer is the season when nature wakes up early.

Aug 29th @ 11:54pm EDT

Summer is the season when nature wakes up early. Summer morning â€" amazing. High in the sky, floating light clouds, the air is clean and fresh, it is filled with the aromas of herbs. Forest river throws off the haze of mist. Skillfully through the dense foliage sneaks a Golden ray of sun, it lights the forest. Nimble dragonfly, moving from place to place, looking carefully, as if searching for something.

Good to wander through a summer forest. Among the trees, and above all pine. Ate not too small, but pull so high its top to the sun they do not know. Step softly through the emerald moss. What is there in the forest: mushrooms, berries, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, mountain-slopes. Summer forest is a storehouse of nature.

And here is the first meeting â€" the big, prickly hedgehog. Seeing people he's lost, standing on a forest path, probably thinking, where did he move on?

"Because it's not important."

Aug 27th @ 8:30pm EDT

When my brother was in kindergarten, he couldn't stop talking about how cool and funny his friend Jeremy, when we met him, we saw that he was in a wheelchair. On the way home we asked my brother why he never told us that Jeremy's disabled.

He just said, "Because it's not important."

Summer rolled downhill

Aug 26th @ 6:56pm EDT

Summer rolled downhill.
August. Quiet days.
Placing the fogs under the head
Quietly wandering streams.

The milky way is a claw crayfish
Quietly moving to the dawn,
Turning carefully,
Gate slow summer.

Be careful, be careful
Waite, the winds, above me,
To month the newborn
Not scared of night.


Aug 4th @ 12:10am EDT

One girl bought a white piano. One day she sat down at the piano and began to play.
Suddenly the piano appeared a black hand and says:
Girl, girl, give me the money! Girl, girl, get the money!
The girl got scared and gave the money that mom gave her for food.
The black hand is gone.
In the evening, the girl told everything to my mom.
But mom didn't believe her, she decided that her daughter spent the money on something else and doesn't want to confess.
Mom decided to check and sat at a white piano. But soon she began to play as a piano again leaned out the black hand and said:
Woman, woman, give me the money! Woman, woman, give me the money!
The girl's mother was seriously scared and gave the money.
In the evening it came to the grandmother, she told everything. Grandma did not believe it and sat down at the piano, but she began to play like a piano got black hand:
â€" Grandma, grandma, give me money! Grandma, grandma, give me money!
Grandma got scared and gave up.
And then they called the police and told everything.
Came in their apartment by the police, opened the lid, and sitting there with Carlson and counts the money:
â€" Jam will be enough candy enough on the buns... not enough!

The case of police captain

Jul 29th @ 10:22pm EDT

Had walked through the abandoned old cemetery captain of militia. And suddenly he saw him quickly approaching a large white spot. The captain pulled out a pistol and began shooting at him. But the stain continued to fly at him...the next day the captain not reporting for duty. Rushed to search for. And in the old cemetery they found his body. In the hand of the captain had a gun. And lay shot in the newspaper

About naughty girls

Jul 23rd @ 12:02am EDT

There was a cheerful old man, cheerful. He knew a lot of stories and told their naughty little girls. If a girl was naughty and did not listen to his mother, she invited the man to visit. The old man was gathering his magic suitcase, put on coat, boots and hat and hit the road. Along the way he sang funny songs about maniacs, thieves and other vermin.
The old man came to the rebellious girl and asked to perform the only condition is to remain with the girl alone, as adults, scary stories to listen to. Mom agreed and left the house on business. And when he returned, I saw quiet a cute scene girl slept the sleep of the dead!

Stroking and kissing,

Jul 5th @ 8:57pm EDT

Stroking and kissing, I gently turned her Cupid's on his stomach and was amazed for the first time revealed to me mind it high a perfect shape of the buttocks. Let the reader forgive me the hackneyed comparison, but in that moment, illuminated by orange flashes of the raging furnace fire, they really are remarkably resembled supple, tight and juicy peach. How could I not grasp it with his hands, not to cling to him, lips?! He inevitably attracted, tumana mind, awakening in the soul of the beast, imperiously demanded to rush to him, pick from inside in such a desirable wet searing gorge! Incredible effort of will I drove him to the darkest corners of consciousness, and began to tenderly caress this exotic fruit lips. I feel like I have tried it for taste. Lightly biting, licking, deep tongue in tight cleavage, feeling her cheek the lightest of Golden gauze cannon. Sparrow gracefully bent, quietly moaning and his ass up, framed her Bud caress my strong language. Now cushion the anus gently lost such a gentle aggressor, letting him inside absolutely clean hot cave.

Love is the most intimate

Jul 3rd @ 11:00pm EDT

Love is the most intimate, the most personal sense. It's like that flower that in a moment you can only give someone one. When you love, you need to give yourself and feel that you are, and love to take everything, maybe even harder than to give everything. We know that give, but don't know what we get.

You will one day want to return

Jun 24th @ 8:54pm EDT

You will one day want to return. Crazy wants. When night wakes up, and never get a wink until dawn. When thought of as a shock that I'm still very... And lose count what is in the hands of the cigarette. And suddenly want to scream, scream that there are forces And betraying tears /from them will not be saved/ From that other, not me, calls her beloved, The one who swore to me not going back... You will someday ago to chill, To despair from the inability to get back... You will fall on the floor and whisper exhale: "God, You keep her there for me... You save her... you Hear? I would... But you see..." And suddenly silent. And light it. And realize that they live in a nightmare and there is no power to Wake up. And understand: nothing is forgotten and that you still love... And want to return. Madly want to go home...


Jun 20th @ 8:25pm EDT

Live! As long as you live! Tired? Take it and take a breath! Fell? Holding the hand of a friend! And if there is no other.. Pray! Ask? You give not think. Not appreciated? Don't be mad. Closing the door? Don't come back.. I Want to teach you? Learn! Hurry to betray? Do not give in! And betrayed? Forgiveness revenge! Lots of love Open.. But all living creatures deserve to be! Someday you'll have to come Back to all these words. Live! As long as you live! And God sees everything here and there.

If you spend

Jun 18th @ 8:21pm EDT

If you spend too much time figuring out what is good and what is bad for another person, you will forget about one's own soul, and everything will end up devastated, you will be defeated through the energy spent to judge others.

It is foolish to believe

Jun 18th @ 5:58pm EDT

It is foolish to believe themselves safe when there's nothing rattles, does not drip and is not pricked; even more stupid to put yourself in a special, earth-shattering danger when rumbles and prickly. I was told about a man who died choking on his own saliva â€" what else?

My dream

Jun 17th @ 10:38pm EDT

My dream cold hands crawl under his shirt, leaned against your warm belly and snuggle up to you. Up in the morning to make trouble and tired to look you in the eye in order to then hear "come here" and hug...

everything can change

Jun 12th @ 10:24pm EDT

everything can change when the person you love still breathes. change anything when its already there and once it no longer. that is a mistake which cannot be corrected until the end of life it will eat you from the inside, and the rest are empty and do not hold this tragedy of the Bolshoi theatre...

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