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Lucias Crawford's Profile

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Wrote on: December 10, 2016
sorry have banned i just want talk, but i think this place is not for that, i just want try
Wrote on: December 10, 2016
sorry for the image, just try share a write and forgot nots of mac is a jpg, humm you look idont have works for tell what i see, and i just wanna say sorry i hope you hat a great night
Wrote on: June 9, 2016
Lucias is a mystery to me - with a great body, a sharp mind and his sensitivity, he should be an absolute dream man. But he has a sad aura around him, and his laugh never reaches his eyes.
If you are looking for a deep conversation to discover him and yourself, Lucias is the right person. You will find no one better. If - like me - you are looking for a refreshing conversation with a nice person, without having your psyche analysed, because you know quite well yourself, what you are and what you are not, you will not find the right partner in Lucias. I deeply hope for you, Lucias, that you have not lost joy in your life. For with a mutilated soul, even the most handsome body is nothing but a shell.
Wrote on: February 22, 2016
He is absolutely incredible. Super intuitive and genuine. Adorable and shy. All round great guy. I'm shocked/amazed that someone so beautiful can be so modest. Loved talking to him.
Wrote on: December 27, 2015
Indescribably delicious. Kind & lovely. So thoughtful & giving. Adore him completely. 💋 💕
Wrote on: December 13, 2015
when i saw lucias i saw a lion a brave and fearless lion but he is sad tho.
Wrote on: December 9, 2015
"Im nothing special, trust me."

Never has a more untrue statement been the headline on a page. Lucias Crawford is bar none, without a doubt, give it up and take your ass home, the BEST.
I would give him 100 stars if it were at all possible.
Lucias is sweet, gentle, smart, funny, intuitive, compassionate, empathetic... an incredible listener and so open and honest.
Oh, and he also just happens to be an Adonis. Adorable smile, eyes that sparkle and twinkle and a ripped, but not TOO beefy physique. And the hair... and the stubble... ***SIGH***
There is a vulnerability, a shyness, a loving and heartfelt quality about Lucias that I can honestly say I have never seen in anyone else I have ever "met."
Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgendered Brothers & Sisters... Whatever your Higher Power has put you on this Earth to be...
I am a straight married woman and I am begging, pleading, and warning you... Don't you dare hurt Lucias. Cause I am perfectly capable of cuttin' a bitch.
(Okay I was kidding with the last line. But I will totally sign your ass up for every right-wing, Trump-humpin', backwoods, down in the hollers newsletters I can find. We #Vandy girls #AnchorDown!)
Wrote on: December 6, 2015
So kind, and giving, and dangerously sexy...
Wrote on: October 8, 2015
Lucias is by far the one of the most respectful individuals I have come across. He listen and put himself in your shoes, he is able to relate on every level.

I see Lucias being a beacon for those who are in need of a friend- I advise everyone to reach out to him because he is humble....
Wrote on: October 3, 2015
Sorry about never getting to complete a moment. I'm grateful for each shared thought and idea. Wrong email....bames1054 not bones1054
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