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beau garcon qui cherche du sexe, amour et pation, laisse moi te connaitre un peu mieux
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hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:27pm EDT


The color denoted the passage of years, at one time was a white envelope and flawless. Forgetting that the doll was behind her, broke the seal that was blocked, a thin adhesive film with the word \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Tussaud\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". He pulled hard blade was folded in four and read:
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Unlucky one who read this message written in the past, read this and occurred largely in the future.
Great spirits from Santa Africa have promised me a reincarnation. And I, true lamb, agreed to exchange three sacrifices.
According to their predictions, all the facts will occur as long as they obey in everything, getting my wisdom under his power, so much so, you do not even know who or what I am writing these words, but that I have commanded .
Now I have everything needed for the ritual, I followed your steps to the letter and even after her death that I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll have to end the lives of three more souls.
My body will be delivered under my sole will, but everyone will recognize it as a suicide. The other two will be delivered in the future, just before reincarnate in flesh and blood in the body of one of my victims. Until then, it will not be Amadine, but Maddie, plastic girl. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Maddie ... Maddie ... Maddie ... The name echoed in her head and made her knees tremble. Again he remembered who was behind him and turned to violence. Upon discovering that the space occupied Maddie was empty now hit a screeching shouted rang in loose glass window.
_ That thing is gone. Oh, no ... Edith! Cried
He ran surrounded by a stunned amazement to the kitchen and took the xxknfe accidentally thought it was on the counter near you, when in fact the plastic girl had put it there.
The noises of the house with wood floors, screams late at night and made unwelcome nightmares Axel also wakes with a jolt uproar.
Maddie is Amadine ... Maddie is Amadine ... Maddie is Amadine ... sounded in his head. Suddenly, he felt down and ran barefoot running footsteps. Then got out of bed to see what was happening.
_ Where are you? Maia said entering the room with the knfe in my hand I will not let my daughter daes! Cried
A strong arm squeezed her wrist and took the knfe, she yelled again, but Edith did not wake.
_ What the fuck are you doing? -Axel exclaimed softly, pulling the knfe away from the place
She could not answer, nor wanted.
_ I ... not what it seems. Said
Axel laughed nervously.
_ Imagine how you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d react if I said that when I saw the photos. He moved closer to her and entered her with his eyes furious Listen, if you do anything to Edith, the truth will regret. -Sensed in her face an incredible amount of fear and retired with the assurance that nothing would happen
When we say that things can not get any worse, they become worse. Axel heard climbing the stairs, as she walked to her room. He saw the pit enlarged in the wallpaper from the wall and reached inside, but no letter at all.
_ Where did I go? She said out loud looking all places
Was set in corners, under the bed and even in the kitchen counter, but the letter was not. He returned to his room.
_ Am I being crazy? Everything has been a dream? Can I have ever imagined?
The night was as if nothing had happened.
Born Saturday sunny and beautiful, like a spring day. Maia had believed that what happened yesterday was a kind of sleepwalking mixing between sleep and wakefulness, the weirdest part was that he had never experienced anything like, never could determine when and when he had begun so.
Edith small ear was stuck in the mouth of Maddie.
_ Do you want to go to the hammock? He asked the girl\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s okay, come on.
Hopping cheerful chil ran over there.
Although Maia had been forcexd to convince yourself that what had happened was a bad move on his conscience, ordering the bed, quietly leafing through the corners if the letter was ghost, but could not find her anywhere.
Axel was getting a sandwich to take to work, even though it was Saturday had a tight schedule for the afternoon. While mayonnaise smeared on the stiff, his attention diverted when found right near your feet a yellowed envelope without blocking. Then, I got up. Surprised to have found something unusual in the kitchen of his home, opened it and removed from within the thick paper folded in four open knew that it was a letter, written in ink with a kind of colored eyeliner red. There, I began to read:
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"My love. You can not imagine how I like to write you hereby such codes, the envelope, the letter and red eyeliner cause me so much trash as I write success.
I want to say that everything went perfectly. The Axel idiot still wonders how a stupid little girl of five years could have taken such photos. The truth is that you surprised me with your approaches, we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve finally caught red-handed. He did not even imagine that you exist and are believed guilty over our situation. Now I think I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m very good actress crying or maybe are my incredible desire to send him to fuck me as an actress makes eminent desempearme.
Everything is going perfectly.
We can only hope they think I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m crazy and want to kilx our stupid daughter for both the hell out of here and so we can live peacefully in our new house.
Soon I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll bring you news.
I love you, Maia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
The discovery made Axel immerse in an infinite ocean of anger and pain. He walked almost ran into the room where she was, while Edith was alone in the hammock, without Maddie.
Axel looked precisely at the door, he saw that his wife was looking for something almost nonstop while giving a sweep sloppy in the fourth.
_ Looking for this? He asked raising his arm with the envelope in hand
She saw the envelope and felt a slight throbbing, I did not know whether to feel happy about the fact that I was not going crazy, or wrong for having discovered who had moved to the right house.
_ Yes, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'said firmly, that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s what I want. I suppose you have read.
A Axel was surprised by the ease and lack of shame of his wife, until it was difficult to identify this unknown with whom he had known and had sworn eternal love.
_ Suppose correctly-answered. How long thought hide it? Said expressing anger in his face
She did not answer, though it was a strange situation that should talk seriously, it was a subject that could have a conversation with an unfaithful husband. His pride weighed even more than that. However, part of it was beginning to insist on leaving everything behind, at least temporarily and start worrying about what really mattered: the paranormal events that had happened in the house since the arrival and the horrific apparitions Amadine wrist; might hate later, but first was the welfare of his daughter and that was something that it was up to the two, beyond error and Axel disrespect towards the family. It took him half a second and then consider, started to speak.
_ Right. Sorry I did not tell ...
_ Sorry!? -Interrupted mad How should I apologize for something of this? I admit I made a mistake in bringing a woman to the house, but does not compare to what you plan to do. I can not believe how we have betrayed his eyes fired two lines of tears that fell down her cheeks, one of them got into the groove of his scar red and remained stagnant, unable to do anything and everything for a man.
_ What ... what are you saying? She said she stammered, seeing that it became Axel head down to start a wounded sob
With a question mark drawn in her face, took two swift steps forward and snatched the envelope from her hand, opened it, noticing that the seal with the last name \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Tussaud\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was not written, I pulled it out and read this strange message written with the eyeliner that had lost two days ago.
His chest sank so immense that melted in internal shock. The letter was almost equal to his own, but she had not written that.
_ What is this?! I did not do this. -Axel looked like a tiger murdexxrer No, love must believe me, we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re being set up. Maddie ...! Edith doll is actually Amadine that wants to kilx to complete his sacrifice, came back to him and grabbed his cheeks, Please believe me!
He put his hand on his chest and pushed hard.
_ Do not be ridiculous, you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re also supports an adulteress!
It was despe

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:26pm EDT


_ All right, chil. Then do not talk-he replied pronouncing with his fingers the little black curls. If your bedroom bother you then I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll have to go to that remedy is empty.
_ Tussaud Amadine Al? He asked, surprising her mother again
_ Yes, she replied. -Assuming that Edith had heard that name out of the mouth of his father
Ten minutes later, soaked mop the floors dusty empty room. Axel would have to wait for the help to move the twin bed that was left in the background, but lately I hated the idea of ​​asking for help or favors.
At night, while preparing dinner almost alone, Amadine\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s bedroom, had come to life. The floor was as bright as if it were new, although it was necessary to change the wallpaper on the walls that made him look old and dingy to be peeling on the wood.
The sun fell fast and heavy like a giant metal ball, the moon was full and golden.
They ate without making a word, listening to a haunting melody that sang Edith mouth shut. Suddenly, he spoke:
_ Mom, forgive me for missing you my room. Maddie and I need to be alone. She apologizes for having commanded the room of Madame Tussaud.
Her parents looked at but not a single word burst. They were impressed with her daughter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s ability to dissociate their thoughts and spread between it and the one that seemed to have hynotized idol from the time he found it. Even so, they said nothing, all prayer Edith fictional Maddie had revived theatrically, it reminded of the time when their way of life changed unexpectedly. Still no thought how to surpass this difficult stage, even managed to figure out how to keep it.
_ Dinner is delicious, honey. She said smiling at Maia Axel
Edith watched quietly, waiting for a reaction, and found it. Maia looked up from his spaghetti to point it to her husband, who has cast a null expression. Then could not suppress a laugh full of anger and to not pursue the subject, rose from the table and went to her room in a hurry. From the dining room he heard the door slam.
_ Sorry mom, baby. He told Edith soon I can forgive. All to make mistakes, you know? And sometimes they hurt the people you love. You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re too young to understand ... but I owe someone say.
His blue eyes were crystallized tears and laughed one who slipped down her cheek.
Three in the morning. The house became silent. The entire family lay in the dream world, each in their room. In that, Edith, who always slept together, again left alone.
A plastic girl ran freely in the dark hunting, whose only rays that illuminated vaguely, of the moon were impressive but still weak and powerless.
Something managed to disrupt the rest of Maia, was a call, a voice:
Maddie is Amadine _ ... Maddie is Amadine ... Maddie is Amadine ... Maddie is Amadine! He sounded strong inside his head and caused a jolt that made waking up covered in cold sweat
He sat on his bed suddenly, as if he had been revived with a defibrillator. His heart beat fast, like a rat.
Among the dim light of the moon, could easily distinguish the door of his room was open. He frowned and then his heart burst of fear. I was going to scream, but his tongue seemed to back the scream inside. The doll, Maddie, was there, standing at the foot of the bed, frozen but persistent, as the same moon.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"This must be a joke of Edith\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", would assume when he felt a hand on his wrist was up and pointed his index finger towards the wall precisely.
As a reflex or the same situation of subordination imposed fear at the time, turned his head to where he pointed his finger and discovered that just at that place, there was an opening in the olive green wallpaper. He frowned again, took courage and stood up. For some reason, its stance was firm that unusual fact, maybe it was because he had never been afraid of this kind of thing or maybe because a part of it, still believing he was in the dream. Deep breath and reached into that pit that almost goes unnoticed for vision numb. By entering the hand, he realized that in that space, the paper was not glued and probably had done it on purpose. Finally, it was very difficult to remove what was there.......

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:26pm EDT


At the time that Maia would issue the following question, Axel rose possessed by an unspeakable rage, needed to put in place his daughter from one day to the other, acted with defiance, yelling, insults and aggressions. It took strong arm and raised his hand to strike another slap.
_ If you hit me, tell your secret, motherfucker. Snapped the girl with a smile vile
He released her immediately and together with his wife, he gathered and led a confused look.
_ What do you mean, Edith? Maia Asked
The girl took Maddie in her skirt and smiled at his father.
_ Is there something you want to confess to your wife, Axel?
Silence. She walked to the sink, washed his face and pulled his shirt wet with milk. Trying to hide the fact, but just could not.
_ What are you talking about? Maia insisted on his chest feeling the strong heartbeat Who taught you those bad words? By God! What is happening?!
_ In my nothing, Mom. Ask your husband about Deborah and I will tell. Well ... second thought and as Maddie told me today morning, the idea was to keep it from him, then I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll tell you. Dad brought a woman to the house, more of a bitch, you know, of those who charge for sex. Her name was Deborah, took her to your room and caught twice on the floor. The bitch moaning like hell.
Maia gasped, her daughter had become a complete stranger to her.
_ For God, Edith! What are you saying! What is happening to you today? -Axel questioned desperate approaching her and taking her with both hands his face
_ Do not be sneaky he stressed the girl, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m telling the truth. Mom, if you do not believe us, Maddie took some pictures with the camera, which is above the refrigerator.
There was a moment. Then another. Shouted angry thoughts in a blaze of confusion and despair in the minds of their parents. Axel was wrapped in an inner fire that made him sweat like a donkey and felt as if her heart would stop leaving chest and shattered on the floor.
Maia, confused, dazed and indecisive, started walking towards the fridge, the other side of the kitchen and took the family digital camera. Axel looked at them both, believing and wanting everything to be a nightmare.
She turned on the camera and from the dining room he heard a terrifying scream and the impact of his knees on the wooden floor.
They ran toward it, Axel hugged her and took the camera. Now, his heart had become a soft patch of ice was to stop sick. He formed a lump in the throat followed by three arcades did stagger and fall to his knees beside his wife who just got up. Again, the desire and the dark thoughts prevailed over the mind and reason. I could have sworn that all knives were in the other table, but for some reason, one of them had appeared near the bony hand of nervous and desperate woman. A pit. One cheek cut. The bloodstained gleaming hardwood. A scream, then two. Then three. Ira. Fear.
A hard bustle waited for him at the hospital. Fourteen stitches from the junction of the lips left to the opposite side of the tear. No charges were filed, of course not.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"How is it possible that a five year old girl can get so high to take the camera?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Maia asked as she stroked her daughter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s hair. That night, they lay all three together, but only one was sleeping, another cried and rejoiced the other behind an immobile face.
Marital communication was recovered a week and a half, but were not as nice as before. Any kind of discussion before the day of the event had seemed stupid, short sentences issued without feelings, especially her, who no longer looked into his eyes. Axel however, felt deep regret so intense that resembled the feeling of standing slowly rotting from the inside.
The only peace they had, was that the unusual Edith rebellion had disappeared. It had been two days very strange, in which Edith had shown its darker side, had insulted, attacked and talked with a vocabulary as dirty as a pigsty of pigs, but luckily, everything was back to normal, or almost everything.
Besides poor communication, changing Maia bedroom into the room of her daughter and the horrible scar on Axel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s face, there was something else that marked the surprising change in lifestyle of the family and was the deep and almost pathological Edith obsession by Amadine Tussaud\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s wrist, went with her to school and get passed all day in his room, on the porch or in the hammock talking willow like a living person with ears of flesh.
The afternoon was so sleepy and melancholy as the autumn season. Maia was sitting in one of the new sofa reading a boring book Emotional Intelligence, Axel was teaching at the school, in a couple of hours would be home. In that, Maia heard a pitter-patter, walk down the aisle closest, banal startled to see that her daughter was approaching her. He thought he probably got bored of drawing with crayons in his room, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"... or to speak to a rubber doll.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" He said.
Mami _ she said leaning back in his lap, I do not want to sleep with me anymore.
She was surprised by the sentence of his small.
_ Why love? Remember He said mom is mad at your dad for what you have discovered about it do you remember, love? We never talked about it.
She lowered her head to pet her mother closed her short curls. Then moved it from one side to another to deny that there is any memory in your mind.
His mother did not understand it at all. You really did not remember or was avoiding the subject? Precisely, in the book he had in his hand a few minutes ago I read a paragraph stating that certain times the mind was selective and for the good of the person, sometimes suppressed traumatic memories for those who are not born sequelae of them, maybe that was what happened to Edith, but it was just one of the many assumptions that Maia had yet been resolved but did not want to enter, perhaps for fear of insanity.......

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:25pm EDT


Edith hugging Maddie slept peacefully. Then slept alone.
Axel went from the hand of his friend, Deborah, a blonde voluptuous she had seen on the internet and promised to give an intense moment of pleasure if in between there was a moderate amount of money. They crossed the living quickly if those dastardly coincidences Edith woke and looked, but no, I was plunged into a deep sleep, only until a few seconds.
They climbed the stairs, slamming feet slipped on the steps seemed a galloping horse. Crossing the short hallway, entered the room.
Axel, took her by the waist and kissed her neck, then her hands tightened on her breasts angry and then his buttocks. He undressed quickly as she unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect penis. An action led to another and when he wanted to agree, Axel was about Deborah, penetrating hard, vigor and anger on the floor of the room. The groans were echoed lessened on the walls but not crossed. Then it was over. And started over once again.
They believed that the door was closed, but in reality was ajar and through the thin but graceful slit projected ghostly vision of a plastic eye so curious, as diabolical.
Maia returned at three in the morning, before doing anything, went to her daughter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s room to make sure she was okay. He saw her sleeping peacefully, her perfect face tenderly gave who saw. He went to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, clothed and settled Maddie, who rested on his arm, but kept his mischievous face.
He climbed the stairs and saw Axel asleep in bed, for a moment, seemed to give the same tenderness that Edith and first thought about how hard it was his place as a husband, father and family man, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"if it had been another Man, I would have probably already voted or would seek a lover to give the pleasure that I can not give \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"thought valuing and putting it on the pedestal of\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" The Perfect Man \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".
_ It will get better, love. I am willing to seek medical help.
The sun began to peek over the horizon through the countryside near half past six, ran a strong wind and stormy stunned. Maia decided to leave the bed to Edith, could get sick if I took her to school with a frost like crossing over them.
Three hours later, all eating breakfast cereal and toast with jam on the dinner table.
Edith Maddie had protested to sit beside her and as her mother could not bear his tenacious insistence, ended up yielding to the will of his daughter, although he recalled that it is not polite to put dolls on the table.
_ Maddie is not a doll, she\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s my friend! He shouted
_ Hey! Stop it, girl. Your mother told you not like to yell that. Said Axel swallowing cereals soaked in milk
Edith stood up, took a determined its bowl of milk and threw it hard at his father. The plastic bounced off his forehead and soaked in milk.
_ And I do not like to speak well of Maddie! Do you understand? Damn cheating!
Everyone seemed to have entered some kind of shock to see the reaction of Edith. His parents had been dumb, did not understand where his daughter had taken so aggressively and how he had learned the words she had just said.
_ Ed .. Edith ... Maia said dropping the cereal box to the floor How dare you? I do not know .......

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:25pm EDT


_ Probably the stress of moving house. Is growing, we can not demand much. She gave him a kiss that lasted a couple of seconds And now that we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re on the subject, I also feel very stressed and eager to ...
_ Axel, not now. -He broke away from him, a few steps way around the bedroom and spoke without looking It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s been over a year and still do not understand me. Understand that it is not easy for me.
He went to the windows and ran slightly the two curtains to let some light, wanted to avoid at all costs to have another discussion about your frigidity.
_ Is not it easy for you? -He said in a low cry That was the most selfish thing you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve said in recent years, what I supposed to do, that I masturbate to old age waiting in vain for my wife regain their sexual libido? I really am impressed.
_ I did not ask for this! She cried, and was heard from outside, but Edith was busy talking on the ear to Maddie and putting his ear to the mouth of the wrist
_ I do not! And I hope you consider it. Me thinks for a second and see that I have reason. he exclaimed
Without words, they decided to end the discussion at that time. Both knew that Edith had heard the cries, as he had done in recent months, but at least be comforted with his innocence would not let her understand anything of what they said.
As usual, followed Amadine examining room, an old resident of the village, according to real estate agents, antisocial spinster who did not leave his house if it was not necessary and faithful follower of African religion which had not data. With that information, could understand why they were hiding in the closets big boxes of candles in white, black and red, along with vials with colonies, essences and other household substances that uncover, gave off a foul odor. Also among the collection of Madame Tussaud\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s possessions, had incense, incense and foreign material possibly used for offerings or special assignments.
In the afternoon, all that was thrown away, including furniture. Neither was superstitious or anything like that, but thought it was right away all the strange things related to Amadine and evil practices, but never thought it would unleash the fury.
When man\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s actions are driven by the desire of the flesh, the mind dies. It was just what had happened to Axel, taking advantage Edith night shift at the hospital, took a friend to her room.......

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:25pm EDT


He walked up there but did not see her. The front was great, between the porch and the gate was a large green square in which small flowers blooming sadly dull yellow seven medium and huge fig trees weeping willow which together gave the house a gloomy and melancholic touch. In the willow hung a rope hammock made with two dirty and thick and swollen wood by moisture, Edith had hamacado several times there, but at that time, his mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s eyes only perceive an empty swing and static as a souvenir frozen.
_ Do not you see, dear? Axel said from inside
_ No, not here. Edith! He shouted again
In that, while the girl\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s call was being lost from the rough branches of the fig, Axel managed to hear a timid whisper coming from one of the rooms. He turned and went up there to see him, Maia followed.
_ Edith? She said seeing the room ajar do not tell you if you do not go to that room?
_ Be quiet, daddy will hear you! She exclaimed a second before his father peeked through the door and take a surprise.
Although Edith had disobeyed, she seemed fine. She sat at the foot of the double bed on the dusty floor grating in front of her, was a square of red velvet and finally sitting on it lay an old and macabre wrist.
_ Girl, what are you doing? Do not you hear that we are calling you? We told you not to come here, these things are from the former owner of the place.
He entered the room along with Maia who had just arrived, was the second time they did and did not hesitate to throw away all the furniture of Mrs. Amadine Tussaud, who was ten years, had committed suicide in precisely that room for unknown reasons.
_ I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sorry, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m playing with my new friend, Maddie.
Their parents eyes like arrows fell on the wrist ruthless sitting on velvet. Then, Maia came to take the wrist.
_ Oh, Edith. Where did you get it? Lifting asked, noticing how horrible aspect of the wrist.
_ I found in that box. She pointed a finger at the open trunk in the corner of the room I opened it and she was, smiling happy to have found a friend, told me many things and now my best friend.
_ Cash? Is talkative? He asked his mother separating the two velcro straps her back to find a speaker, but there was nothing
_ I think not, said Axel, look what it is. Probably has more than fifty years.
The doll was well maintained, but showing the supposed antiquity appearance, looked creepy. Decades had drawn on his face hard rubber, hand painted details of his eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and freckles. His eyes were penetrating and profound, which together with the peculiar look on his face and his mischievous smile had the feeling curious, mocking a girl who had found something and bragging about it. Her hair definitely wrists and like all of his supposed time was real, dark brown that fell to her waist and could be shiny if heavy curtains, gray would not have prevented the entry of the ray opaque of autumn sunlight in the room. She wore a wedding dress worn linen color, overloaded with tulle and silk organza armed with discolored, along with two black shoes with all their costumes unraveled.
_ Mommy, I can be me? Asked Edith
_ Oh, I do not know. You better buy a new morning-she replied, disapproving the idea of ​​staying with that horrible geezer
_ I want to Maddie, I want a new doll! Dramatizing the situation cried, startled violently.
Maia looked up from her wrist and looked at his daughter, he had never reacted like that in his six years of life.
_ All right, all right. You can have it, but do not shout so. A mom and dad does not like that we shout. Right?
She nodded and snatched her wrist lightly out of the room.
When leaving, Maia went to Axel, still thinking about the behavior of Edith.
_ Did you see how I cried? That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not typical of her.
Axel walked over to her and wrapped her in his arms......

hallowen history- maddie

Oct 17th @ 5:18pm EDT

Since the small wrist Edith Maddie located within Amadine Tussaud\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s room, the former owner of the house, a strange obsession was born in her wrist, while start happening tragic and terrifying events within the family . In the end, everything turns out to be prophetic plan Amadine, who even after her death, plans a bloody sacrifice to get back to life.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"He told me things so secret,
That you can not hear,
I confessed some sins,
I prefer not to say ... \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
My wrist spoke (song)
They say when naughty xxchldre are silent for a long time, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s because they are doing something very wrong and that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s what resonated Axel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s head when she realized that her daughter, Edith, do not run or scream was heard through the empty corridors and quiet of the new house.
_ Edith! What are you doing? He asked and at home sounded an echo that stretched between rooms
But she did not answer. Axel was unpacking some glass and ceramic ornaments Maia and putting them on the shelf oak his mother gave him as a wedding gift, but not seeing Edith anywhere, he stopped and looked around to the vicinity of the house that were within his field of vision. Again he saw no one.
_ Maia! He shouted to his wife who was on the second floor Edith Are you?
She came down the stairs in a hurry, her heels hitting echo sounded on the steps.
_ Edith? She said No, I thought he was with you. Now you tell me, I have not heard since we started the latter sort. He turned his head and glanced outside to the porch, on the cold wooden planks, had a cast autumn leaves on the carpet at the front door, but Edith was not there. Three days ago they had moved and that was the place he had chosen to play to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"have tea\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" with its two large stuffed animals. My love, are you there?.......


Oct 6th @ 3:53pm EDT

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Oct 6th @ 3:08pm EDT

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