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Nikita Wels

Customers rated Nikita Wels 5 out of 5 based on 43 reviews

Great body, great smile, great cock!=)
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aphorism about feelings

Nov 18th @ 2:21pm EST

The universe makes sense only when we have someone to share our feelings. Paulo Coelho


Nov 6th @ 7:29pm EST

You gave me eternity in a matter of days ... The blame the stars

quote from books

Nov 5th @ 9:23pm EST

Have you ever felt that you lack one whom you have never met? Richard Bach, "Bridge Over Eternity"

quote from books

Nov 2nd @ 6:56pm EDT

"When you can not express your feelings, it does not mean that they are shallow." John Fowles "Collector"


Nov 1st @ 9:22pm EDT

Ask your heart what he would like ... Paulo Coelho "Maktub"


Oct 29th @ 5:36pm EDT

When you look at the sea for a long time, you start to miss people, and when you look at people for a long time - at sea. Haruki Murakami Listen to the song of the wind


Oct 29th @ 12:49am EDT

Most of all I want to be the kind of person who could make the world a little better. Erland Lou, "Naive. Super"


Oct 21st @ 7:42pm EDT

Tears can mean more than a smile. Because we smile at almost everyone, and we cry only because of those we love .. Audrey Hepburn


Oct 21st @ 4:48am EDT

The only thing stronger than fear is hope. S. Collins " Hunger Games"


Oct 18th @ 12:46am EDT

You can not win the one who does not give up. Very beautiful and accurate words.


Oct 13th @ 8:11pm EDT

You have thought about how true love is very rare in this life, but true friendship is even more rare.


Oct 10th @ 1:58am EDT

If you do not sleep at night, you can see a lot of not ordinary things.


Oct 6th @ 10:22pm EDT

I think feelings are the brightest part of our lives.


Oct 5th @ 5:06am EDT

In the fall you can sit down, drink a cup of tea. Cover the blanket and think about life


Sep 25th @ 5:48pm EDT

Never listen to anyone. Have your opinion, your head, your thoughts and ideas, plans for life. Do not chase anyone - just a step to the meeting, but not after. Nobody wants you. This is life. No one will build your happiness for you!


Sep 24th @ 5:54am EDT

Do you have a dream? Distant, unrealizable, but so desirable. Would you like your dream to become a goal? To do this, just need to make a plan and all. Your dream becomes a goal


Sep 20th @ 5:17pm EDT

Do you like travelling? so many people and so many different opinions. Anyone wants to heat,sun, relaxing at the beach, and someone on the contrary choose to stay in colder climates. Well, there are those who choose the mountains to relax from the bustle of the city. What did you choose?

Just live!

Nov 11th @ 8:28pm EST

If you are sad, and new year still far away and birthday also, arrange your holiday just for no reason, call your friends, neighbors with whom you interact and spend fun time. In the end, we only live once I believe that life should be a place not only for sadness and tears, but also for fun. Many of us are loaded with work, everyday life and stress, we have forgotten what it means to LIVE so let's think about it and remember how beautiful life is!

Fettered heart

Sep 13th @ 8:35pm EDT

Fettered heart, free mind. If hard to put your heart and keeping it in captivity, it is possible to give much freedom to the mind, â" I've said it once already. But I don't believe in it, assuming that they themselves do not know this.

Love those moments)

Sep 12th @ 11:54pm EDT

Love those moments when you Wake up in the morning, and so good, calm and happy. And then the head begins to emerge the whole stuff that's going on in your life... and are slowly losing your mind)))

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